"Best of SpruceJoy" Award

SpruceJoy uses the 60+ criteria to rank service professional businesses and pick the best pros. Our evaluation includes work experience, online reviews, social media, complaints, satisfaction, trust and engagement. Below includes some important factors of our inspections. Few items may not be applicable to all businesses.

Our Process

We use proprietary technology to select the top local service professionals in over 150 services across 1,000 cities.

First, we check local service pros for the given services and region. We analyze and narrow down the list using our propietary technology with the public data. All the service pro candidates we pick are active.

Second, we score each pro using our 60+ points inspections. Each year we will reevaluate existing business and new business so that the best business are always up to date.

Some criteria

1. Work Experience

  • Years in business
  • Education in their expertise
  • Website traffic and hires

2. Professionalism

  • Proofs/Documents/License/Permit
  • Members of organizations in their specialty
  • Awards
  • Hornors
  • Acknowledgments from peers in the same region
  • General liability insurance

3. Reputation & Trust

  • SpruceJoy customer reviews
  • Excellent recommendations
  • Reviews from multiple trusted sources, e.g. Yelp and Google reviews.
  • Online Complaints
  • Fake Complaints
  • Lawsuit
  • Complete info online
  • Regular updates on social media pages
  • Social media followers and engagements
  • Trustworthy Videos
  • Authentic business images only, not fake images

4. Engagement

  • Responsiveness on SpruceJoy
  • Responsiveness quality on phone
  • The quality of reaction to customers feedback

5. Availability

  • Business open hours
  • Services
  • Serving location (Location Proximity)

This topic is for SpruceJoy Pros.