Review and Recommendation Guidelines

We know trust is earned, and we’re committed to being a platform for high-quality reviews and recommendations. So we’re happy to share more about how SpruceJoy ensures reviews and recommendations that’s relevant, trustful, unbiased, and current.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Verification Process

To ensure published reviews are from verified sources and provide helpful content, we develop a process of Reviews Verification:

  1. Identity check.
    Each reviewer is verified by their mobile phone number and address to ensure that the review was left by a real person. If they’re unable to verified, the review will not be published.

  2. Verified service.
    We ask reviewer to invite the pros to confirm the project they work together before.

All reviews are treated equally during the verification process, regardless of rating or vendor.


To write a review or recommend a home service pro on SpruceJoy, you need a user profile and account, with your address. You may only have one user profile and account. This must be attached to a valid mobile phone number that we can use at any time to contact you directly.

You can write a review or recommend a pro on SpruceJoy about your service experience, if you have hired a pro for your home service project before.

You may not write a review about a business you have previously owned, currently own, or which an immediate family member currently owns, or if you are an employee of that business. Similarly, you may not write a review about a direct competitor to the business you own, are employed by or work for.


Keep your reviews and recommendations relevant and helpful to home owners. Avoid any personal opinions about politics, ethics, religion or wider social issues not relevant to your direct experience with the service pro. Also, be specific about your experience. Provide details about what you liked or disliked.


To keep content fresh for our readers, we ask that you stick to writing about experiences that occurred within the last 12 months. If you have signed up for an ongoing service, the service experience begins immediately upon sign up and continues until the service is no longer provided by the pros. You are free to write a review or recommend the pro immediately after sign up or at any point up to 12 months after the service ends.


Our community wants to hear about your experience. This means no second-hand information, rumors, or quotations from other sources. Please, only provide reviews based on substantial experiences you’ve had and be sure to include enough detail in your review that other travelers will find your advice helpful.


Reviews and recommendations need to be readable for others with proper grammar, without excessive capitalization or punctuation.

Can be documented by service pros

If a service pros cannot confirm that a reviewer was a customer, we send the customer a request for documentation (for example, receipt, estimate, and agreeements). We want to ensure that the correct service pro is credited for your review.

All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of Service

We reserve the right not to post your review if it contains any of the following types of content or violates other guidelines:

  • Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum.
  • Advertisements, “spam” content, or references to other companies, offers, or websites.
  • Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses, names or other forms of personally identifiable information.
  • Critical or spiteful comments on other reviews posted on the page or their authors.
  • Allegations of illegal activity - this is not a forum for reporting crimes.
  • Defamatory content, including negative reviews containing personally identifiable information.