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How to Verify Locksmith License in Texas (Step-by-Step Instruction)


In Texas, a locksmith is required to carry their license card all times issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Services Division – Private Security Bureau (PSB). The Locksmith Program or Private Security Program in Texas has an online application process and licensing database called Texas Online Private Security (TOPS). TOPS provides real license number. You can verify or research business by search TOPS database.

If you want to search general contractor license, you can check out TDLR license lookup.

Verify Locksmith License by Number in TX

1. Ask Locksmiths their license card:

So ask the locksmith when they arrive to see their pocket card license. If they cant show you the card – then you should not do any business with them. A pocket card license is almost identical to your driver license and will say “Private Security Registration” at the top, which is issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can find their license number on the back.

2. Go to TOPS website


3. Click the recaptcha; select business and choose the “locksmith”

TOPS recaptcha
TOPS business

4. Enter the license number

TOPS enter license number

5. Click result and check the license status.

You shall check if their business and person name matched, if the license is still active and the insurance is valid. Otherwise, you shall not do business with this locksmith.

TOPS result

Find Trusted Locksmith in Texas

Find trusted locksmith recommended by your neighbors and friends.

Get Started

Search Licensed Locksmith in Your City

1. Repeat #2 and #3 of above section.

2. Enter the city name

You can enter city name, e.g. “Dallas” to find licensed locksmiths in Dallas. You will find 138 locksmiths.

locksmith tops by city

Note: Lapro has a list of best locksmiths in Texas, where we listed the license number info. You can check the link below: .
Best Locksmiths in El Paso

Research Locksmith Business

1. Repeat #2 and #3 of above section.

2. Enter the business name

You can enter business name, e.g. “BH Locksmith” to get the license number of a locksmith. If you can not find the business in the database, try to contact the business to get the license number.

tops search by business name
tops search by business name

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