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How to Create a Free Business Email Address with Mailgun and Gmail (with pictures)


A business email address has your company domain name instead of the generic gmail or yahoo account. Today, every successful business has its own business email address. For example, the company domain of Molly Maid is mollymaid.com, so their business email address is name@mollymaid.com. You’ll see molly@mollymaid.com for their customer service on Facebook About Us.

Why? To a customer, knowing a business’ email address means trust since anyone can create these generic email accounts. Using a professional business email address is vital if you want your business to succeed.

We don’t really any option for free business email address after Google stopped offering the free edition of G Suite to new customers on December 6, 2012. The only option may be Zoho. However, if you don’t get used to another user interface other than Gmail, Zoho is really not a good option.

We’ve read many bloggers recommend BlueHost. However, it’s not really free. It asks you to pay them $2.95/month, which equal to $35/year, which is much more expensive than a cost of a single domain name, which usually $9.99 or $12.

The only free solution we found so far is Mailgun with the combination of Gmail. Mailgun is a transactional Email APIs that enable you to send, receive, and track emails, trusted by 150,000 business. You can send 10,000 email for free per month as of February of 2020, which is great for a small business. They may update the free tier soon but it’s still a great free choice. Here are the benefits:

  • Send and receive email within Gmail;
  • Unlimited business email address for unlimited users, which means you can assign the business email address to different team members;
  • 10k free email every month;
  • Email performance report with Mailgun;

Here is how to set your free business email address. Section 1, 2, 3 are the how-to guide for sending email via Gmail. Section 4 is the instruction for receiving email on Gmail.

Mailgun setting
Gmail setting
G Suite setting
Receiving Email on Gmail

1. Mailgun setting

1. Login to Mailgun dashboard
2. Click “Sending” menu, then click on “Domain settings”.
mailgun dashboard
3. If you haven’t setup your domain, follow this instructions to add a domain.
4. If you have already created the email domain, go to “SMTP credentials”
mailgun domain settings dashboard
5. Click “New SMTP User” button on top right corner
mailgun add smtp user
6. Add the name as your wish, for example, homepro@yourdomain.com; Then click “submit”
mailgun enter name
7. You’ll see a password dialog; Copy the password to your notebook, we will use it in the next section.
mailgun copy password

We’re all set on mailgun section.

2. Gmail settings

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click on Setting, then “Account” tab
3. Under “Send email as” section, click “Add another email address”.
gmail send email as
4. Enter your name and email address you created on your Mailgun. Then “Next Step”.
gmail enter name
5. Enter following information:
  • SMTP: mxa.mailgun.org
  • Password: the one you saved on step 7 of section 1.
  • Port: 587
  • Username: same as above
gmail enter config
6. Set this business address as default if you like.
7. Test it.

Great! Now you have an official business email address and can be sent from Gmail.

3. Troubleshooting: G Suite settings

1. Login to your G Suite Dashboard.
g suite dashboard
2. Go to All Apps; Choose “13 G Suite Core Services”, then Gmail;
g suite gmail
3. Click on End User Access;
g suite gmail user access
4. Expand “Allow per-user outbound gateways”, check “Allow users to send mail through an external SMTP server when configuring a “from” address hosted outside your email domain” checkbox. Save.
g suite enable gateway
5. Wait for a few minute. Then go back to gmail setting.

4. Forwarding Mailgun email to Gmail

1. Go to mailgun dashboard;
2. Click “Receiving”;
3. Click “Create new route” button;
4. Select “Match Recipient”;
5. Enter Recipient email address on “Recipient”;
6. In the “Forward” text area, enter the Gmail address you want to forward to.
mailgun receive email
7. Test it. Send an email to your business email address and check if you receive it.
8. You can create multiple route for different team member.

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